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Jane Street Triangle Redesign Update

A rendering of one of the revised proposals from DOT

This past Wednesday, representatives from the City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) came before Community Board 2’s Traffic and Transportation Committee to present a revised plan for the Jane Street Triangle redesign. DOT hopes to permanently pedestrianize this small piece of West 4th Street which has been closed to traffic for years. In response to suggestions and comments made by the committee and the public at a hearing last month, two new options for the redesign were formulated by DOT.

The revised plan (full presentation available here) references the historic street grid with distinctive paving inlays, offers some revised seating and planting options, and adds a trio of new bike racks along Jane Street to act as a visual cue to drivers approaching from West 4th Street.

Because the site falls within the boundaries of the Greenwich Village Historic District, DOT’s proposal will have to be submitted for a public hearing before the Landmarks Preservation Commission. When the project comes up for review, we’ll inform you about it on our Landmarks Applications Webpage.

One of the distinctive features of the redesign is the addition of two paved inlay strips that will highlight the former path of West 4th Street through the site. Though West 4th Street has cut through this corner for years, as it transformed from low-scale commercial buildings into the 18-floor Rembrandt apartments at 31 Jane Street in the early 1960s, this small portion of the street was closed to traffic with bollards and planters in the 1990s.

(l.) 8th Avenue & Jane Street in 1933, courtesy New York Public Library; (r.) The intersection today

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