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NYU 2031: Crowd Calls on Stringer to Vote No

Last Thursday, GVSHP led a rally on the steps of City Hall calling on Borough President Scott Stringer to hold a public hearing before he votes on the NYU 2031 expansion plan, and to recommend its denial. A large crowd of local residents, NYU faculty, students, alumni and tenants, community groups from around the city, and many others came out to oppose the plan. You can watch videos of the rally on our YouTube page, parts one and two, or read the press release HERE.

GVSHP's Executive Director, Andrew Berman, speaks at the rally

Borough President Stringer’s vote is only advisory, but would be a huge influence as the NYU 2031 plan moves through the public review process. To date, thousands of people have attended public hearings and rallies calling for the plan to be rejected, and thousands have written letters, made phone calls, and signed petitions urging the plan be voted down.  Borough President Stringer himself convened a Community Task Force for three years which called for NYU to consider alternative locations for its expansion plan.  If you want to see the borough president hold a public hearing and vote the plan down, you can write his office a letter using the template on our website.

People who spoke against the plan and called on Borough President Stringer to vote no to NYU’s expansion in Greenwich Village included the following:

NYU faculty, students, alumni and tenants against the NYU expansion plan

We had a fantastic turnout on Thursday. When the borough president left City Hall that afternoon he was within earshot of hearing the crowd chanting, “Hold a hearing, vote NO!” We’ll soon know if he really heard our message if he calls a public hearing.

You can see more photos of the event on our Flickr page. Read the latest news about the NYU expansion plan on our website, including additional coverage of the event at City Limits, the New York Times, and Fox 5 News.

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