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Village Videos: Fashion Faux Pas

For decades, various industries have used Greenwich Village (or the romanticized idea of Greenwich Village) as both a backdrop for advertisements and a way to give products cachet. The neighborhood has long been a particular favorite of the fashion industry.

We’ve looked at the Village as a backdrop for fashion in the past, but submitted for your approval this Friday afternoon is a YouTube find — a short film advertisement crafted for the Cotton Producers Institute in 1969.

It’s a bizarre mash up of a bohemian exploitation film, dubbed by a 1950s hygiene film narrator, all trying to sell us wearable cotton fabrics perfect for the ‘suburban’ Greenwich Village of 1969.

Luckily the actors playing the typical ‘small-town’ Villagers pass by about every notable landmark of the neighborhood, and give us a fleeting glance of the Village of the late 1960s. Enjoy if you dare!

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