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Happy Pi Day!

Image courtesy of forbes.com.
Image courtesy of forbes.com.

Happy Pi Day! Every year on March 14th is the celebration of the mathematical constant Pi (π) as the month/day (3/14) matches the first three significant digits of π (3.14).  A traditional way to celebrate Pi Day is to indulge in a slice of pie.  Below we have compiled a list of a few places in the Village that make savory and sweet pies to help make a rational decision on whatever pie one fancies on this irrational (number) day!

Caffe Reggio

Photo courtesy of vergecampus.com.
Caffe Reggio.  Photo courtesy of vergecampus.com.

Located on MacDougal Street, this South Village staple has been open for almost 90 years and is the first café in America to serve cappuccino.  This quaint coffee shop also offers a pecan pie that many have declared as one of the best they ever had. They are also a 2010 recipient of a Village Award.

Magnolia Bakery

Image courtesy of absolutelyglamourous.fr.
Magnolia Bakery. Photo courtesy of absolutelyglamourous.fr.

A Sex and the City staple, this West Village bakery is not only just for cupcakes or banana pudding.  Magnolia also offers a wide selection of pies, both traditional and “ice box” (made with a whipped cream filling).

Tea & Sympathy

Tea & Sympathy. Photo courtesy of todaysthedayi.com.
Tea & Sympathy. Photo courtesy of todaysthedayi.com.

Our November 2015 Business of the Month, Tea & Sympathy offers a wide selection of teas along with traditional British fare.  Among their offerings is a wide selection of traditional savory pies that can be found on their lunch and dinner menus.

Two Boots Pizza

Two Boots Pizza, interior of the Avenue A location. Photo courtesy of thedayfarer.com.
Two Boots Pizza, interior of the Avenue A location. Photo courtesy of thedayfarer.com.

What discussion of pies in the Village would be complete without a pizza pie! Two Boots Pizza, with locations in both the East and West Villages and the co-sponsor on our historic plaque programs, offers a wide range of pies, from the classics (plain, pepperoni) to the more unique (Cajun toppings, gluten-free crust, vegan cheese).  Owner and founder Phil Hartman is also a contributor to our New Oral History Collection on the East and South Villages.

Once Upon a Tart

Once Upon a Tart. Photo courtesy of the Villager.

With the recent designation of the Sullivan-Thompson Historic District, we have all the more reason to celebrate this beloved pie purveyor.  One Upon a Tart is “a bakery, coffee shop, cozy neighborhood restaurant, and caterer spread between two historic storefronts on Sullivan Street in New York City.”  It has been a South Village staple since the 90’s and was bought by chef Alicia Walter and her husband in 2014.  Last night, GVSHP hosted a members-only event, “Let Them Eat Pie!,” at the restaurant, where guests were able to sample some of their fare, while also learn about the history of pie and the pies of the different communities (Portuguese, Italian) that had at one time lived in the South Village.  The Talk was lead by Walter and Sarah Lohman, historic gastronomist and blogger (Four Pounds Flour), who recently released a book, Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine. Photos from the event can be seen here.

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