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Business of the Month: Myers of Keswick, 634 Hudson Street

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If you’ve ever noticed the red, white, and blue Union Jack-painted bench on the east side of Hudson Street between Horatio and Jane Streets, then you’ve no doubt also noticed Myers of Keswick at 634 Hudson Street, our July Business of the Month.

If you are a British expat, a visitor from the U.K. missing the foods of home, or even an anglophile looking for your favorite dish from across the pond, then you no doubt already know about this unique place. A family-run store celebrating 32 years this month, everyone is welcome at Myers of Keswick (pronounced kes-ick — the ‘w’ is silent — and founded by Peter Myers of Keswick, England, where his family ran a butcher shop).

The lovely business is a mix of general store, butcher, baker and tea shop. On your left is a refrigerated display with an array of fresh pork pies, sausage rolls, and bangers (which you may refer to as sausages).  The shelves to the right are replete with various imported goods stacked like an Andy Warhol piece, including cans of baked beans, pickled items, PG Tips tea and Frank Coopers marmalade. Instead of potato chips they carry bags of “crisps,” and there are a multitude of British chocolates and candies for the sweet tooth.

Once customer, Erline, came all the way from Brooklyn that day “because there is no place like it.” A native of Reading, Erline has lived in NYC since 1983. She came as she always does when she is running low to stock up on Myers’ special bacon.   This time she got 4 lbs to add to her traditional breakfast of beans, sausage, bacon and toast. With a burdock or dandelion beer she visits Myers regularly, then walks around the small streets of the rest of the West Village.  A friend of mine who lives in Virginia makes it his absolute first stop whenever he is in NYC, so I can attest to the devotion of Myers’ customers.

According to proprietor Jennifer Pulidore, her dad picked the location for two reasons- it was walking walking distance to the meat market supplier, and he thought the store had a charming feel to it — like a corner shop back in England.

Going strong for over three decades, Myers have more foot traffic than ever.  In contrast to when they first opened, when British food was seen as almost unpalatable, Myers has also benefited from a trending interest in British food.

Jennifer says, “I believe the West Village has such a community feel. Even though you are in this giant city, there is still a quiet quaint feel to his neighborhood. At times, you can forget that you are actually in NYC!”

Walking into Myers of Keswick can make you feel like you have walked into another country.  So go visit; no passport required.

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