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Distance Learning for Children: History and Historic Preservation Part II

Village Preservation has developed online resources for students from our acclaimed children’s education program, History and Historic Preservation. These videos and activities are designed for children ages 5-7.  During this time of remote learning, these are a great resource and a way to keep children engaged and expand their horizons from home. Today we introduce Part 2. Click here to watch the introduction video and Part 1 of this series.


This video includes information about the history of Wall Street, English rule of New York, the Richmond Hill Estate, Historic Preservation, Washington Square Park, the Old Elm Tree, Washington Mews, and the Washington Square Arch. Watch the video and then do the activities on the bottom of the page.

Activity #1: Washington Square Arch Scavenger Hunt

Are you a good detective? The Washington Square Arch has lots of hidden symbols and pictures. Some of them even appear more than once. How many can you find? Click here.

Activity #2: My Washington Square Arch

The Washington Square Arch has many carvings of American symbols. Here’s an opportunity to design an arch with symbols or pictures that tell all about you! Click here.

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