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Mayor Proposes to Slash Staff and Budget for Landmarks Preservation Commission

Photo: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office

Mayor Adams’ recently released draft proposed budget includes a steep cut to the funding and staffing of the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). The LPC is already the smallest city agency, charged with overseeing tens of thousands of landmarked properties across New York City, and surveying hundreds of thousands more to ensure that historically significant sites are protected. The Mayor’s proposed budget would slash the tiny agency’s staffing of approximately 80 positions by six.

The LPC is arguably under-resourced now, as it has slowed considerably its rate of designations and failed to adequately oversee and protect historic properties already within its portfolio. Further cuts to the agency will only diminish its ability to proactively protect endangered historic properties, and ensure that the varied and diverse histories of New York City are honored and recognized, and that existing designated properties receive the careful attention they deserve.

The Mayor’s budget for the city must ultimately be negotiated and approved by the City Council.


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