Critical Decision on Supersized Development in Neighborhoods This Week; Arm Yourself with Information and Urge Legislators to Oppose

(Clockwise from top left) The 1,550-ft-tall Central Park Tower, the tallest residential building in the world; Brooklyn’s 766-unit “The Hub”; Queens’ 974-unit “The Hayden”; West 42nd Street’s 1,175 unit “Sky”; and West 42nd Street’s 1,359-unit “Silver Towers.” All were built under existing restrictions proposed to be lifted for being “too restrictive,” so even larger buildings can go up. 

Did you know that the tallest residential building IN THE WORLD was recently constructed in New York City? That three of the 10 tallest buildings in America are residential buildings built in NYC in the last few years? That NYC has seven residential buildings over 1,000 ft tall, 14 over 900 ft tall, and 23 over 800 ft tall — all built under existing rules that limit the size of new residential buildings in NYC? 

But leaders in Albany and at City Hall think these buildings AREN’T BIG ENOUGH, and want to remove any limitation whatsoever on the size of new such residential developments in NYC, allowing the City to rezone ANY residential neighborhood to allow new development with the sky as the limit. The State Legislature is expected to make an important decision this week on whether this proposal (which we’ve beaten backseveral times before) will become reality. IT’S CRITICAL THAT WE SEND A MESSAGE TO STATE LEGISLATORS NOW NOT TO LIFT THE RESIDENTIAL BULK CAP.

Last week we held an online forum breaking down how and why these and other plans under consideration to radically increase the size and amount of new residential development in New York City would accelerate displacement, increase unaffordability, reduce diversity, and destroy neighborhood character and history — WATCH IT HERE and arm yourself with the facts.


March 13, 2023