Help Save An Iconic Landmarked West Village House

65 Horatio Street as it appears today.

Please join us in urging the Landmarks Preservation Commission to REJECT a revised application to make significant and compromising changes to a unique house at 65 Horatio Street in the Greenwich Village Historic District.

This beloved semi-detached house has a rare visible bay window on its sidewall projecting into its sideyard, and an almost pristine 1845 Greek Revival roofline and cornice, as well as other details. The proposed changes, which include building a wall along Horatio Street blocking the view of the sideyard and bay window and a highly visible and intrusive rooftop addition, would mar the historic building’s unique qualities.

(l.) The original proposed changes to 65 Horatio Street, and (r.) the new proposed changes.

As we previously reported, the Landmarks Preservation Commission did not approve a prior version of this application, which we strongly opposed, telling the applicant to come back with revisions. They have, and the Horatio Street wall is virtually unchanged, while the proposed rooftop addition is different but no less intrusive, and possibly more so. Changes to landmarked buildings like this can be and are approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission if the city agency deems them “appropriate” to the historic character of the building and district, with a general rule of thumb being that changes should not make buildings less consistent with historic character, only more so, or be consistent with historic changes to comparable buildings in the area. This fits neither criteria. 

Because this is not a public hearing with testimony, it’s crucial that you send comments to the Commission before a very tight deadline of noon Monday expressing your objections, before one of the most unique and charming houses in the Greenwich Village Historic District is marred forever.

See a copy of Village Preservation’s letter to the Landmarks Preservation Commission here

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October 18, 2020