More Support Rolls in For South of Union Square Landmarking

We’re proud to report that we’ve continued to secure significant new support for the landmark protections for Greenwich Village and the East Village south of Union Square we’ve been campaigning for.  New backing comes from the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute in Bristol, England, the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History, prominent academics at NYU and FIT, and the author of Wedded to War. Read the new letters of support here, and all the letters of support from prominent civil rights groups, elected officials, arts groups, writers, journalists, and others here.

We’re continuing to campaign for landmark protections for the unprotected blocks below Union Square, roughly between 14th and 9th Streets, Fifth and Third Avenues, which contain an extraordinary array of New York and American civil rights, literary, musical, artistic, commercial, and architectural history (to learn more, click here and click on “Landmark Proposals”).


October 15, 2020