New Historic Image Archive Collection — “Pandemic and Protest: 2020-2022”

Not all history is in the distant past — especially in our neighborhoods. The years 2020 through 2022 saw our communities deal with the twin tumults of the COVID pandemic, lockdowns, and mask mandates, along with months of roiling protests. These were exceptional times — they affected every aspect of our lives, and were unlike any other.

Fortunately, local photographer Marjorie Zien captured those stormy days of gut-wrenching upheaval, and has shared those images with us. These make up our latest Historic Image Archive addition, “Pandemic and Protest, 2020-2022: the Marjorie Zien Collection,” which shows the fear, hope, gratitude, rage, ingenuity, and creativity that were on display in our neighborhoods in response to these dual disruptions.

This latest addition brings to 64 the number of collections in our archive, and up to nearly 4,500 the number of the number of images, which covers the late 18th through the early 21st century. These include hundreds of local and NYC landmarks — both long gone and still among us — as well as small businesses, street scenes, and historic events, searchable by collection, image, map, and keywords.

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October 15, 2023