New Oral History: Playwright John Guare and 60 Years of Life In Greenwich Village

Playwright John Guare has been connected to the Greenwich Village theater scene for more than 60 years. From Caffe Cino to the Public Theatre, The House of Blue Leaves to Six Degrees of Separation and beyond, he’s left an indelible mark on American theater, especially the kind of innovative playwrighting and performance that has been rooted in our neighborhoods for generations. 

We’re honored that John sat with us to conduct an oral history, providing personal insights into his life and career, and how it’s been interwoven with Greenwich Village for more than half a century. It’s one of more than 60 oral histories in Village Preservation’s collection, which includes some of the great artists, activists, and community and businesses leaders of Greenwich Village and the East Village of the last half century, from Jane Jacobs to Jonas MekasMerce Cunningham to Margot GayleChino Garcia to Penny Arcade.

October 15, 2021