New Research on 86 University Place Powers Our Push For Landmark Protections for Greenwich Village and the East Village South of Union Square

Village Preservation continues its research on the unprotected and potentially endangered buildings in our area, particularly the section of Greenwich Village and the East Village south of Union Square we have proposed for landmark designation, which faces growing pressure from the booming tech industry and the Mayor’s nearby Tech Hub approved by the City Council.  

Following on our submission to the Landmarks Preservation Commission earlier this month regarding the historic significance of the dozen unprotected buildings in the Fifth Avenue corridor, we have submitted further research and documentation to the Commission regarding the history and significance of 86 University Place (11th/12th Streets), a rowhouse built in 1842 which was once the home of one of New York’s greatest philanthropists, who was instrumental in the creation of the New York Public Library, the American Museum of National History, the New York Historical Society, and the country’s first chronic disease hospital.  86 University Place’s many other lives over nearly two centuries intersects in key ways with New York’s immigration history, Prohibition, and lesbian literary greats, while the building also has one of the most prominent and beautiful cornices anywhere in New York. Read all about it here.

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April 17, 2020