NoHo Historic District 25th Anniversary Tours

On June 29, 1999, the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the NoHo Historic District, recognizing and protecting over 125 buildings across 16 blocks. This milestone achievement for this historic area was the culmination of years of campaigning and organizing by local residents and preservationists, and their work didn’t end there — a second, smaller “NoHo East” Historic District was designated in 2003, and the original NoHo Historic District was expanded in 2008.

Village Preservation was proud to be part of these efforts. More importantly, we’re honored and delighted that this dynamic neighborhood with its striking architecture and varied histories is so well preserved in our midst for everyone to enjoy.

To help you appreciate the incredible NoHo Historic District on its 25th anniversary, we’ve created a online tour your can use at home or on the street, to explore some of the amazing highlights of this incomparable neighborhood:

To learn more about Village Preservation’s work in NoHo, click here.

June 27, 2024