State Legislature Tries to Supersize NYC Buildings AGAIN – Help Stop It

The State Senate is at it again – a committee has passed a bill which would remove the cap that currently limits the size of residential buildings in New York City. The existing cap allows buildings up to 1,500 feet tall, but for the Mayor and the Real Estate industry, that’s not big enough, and they want to see supersized buildings not just in Midtown and the Financial District but in residential neighborhoods throughout New York City.
GVSHP has been a vocal opponent of this plan, and earlier this year we and a coalition of planning and preservation groups and elected officials stopped this measure from being added to the State budget. But as we predicted, the advocates of supersizing are back, trying to squeeze this measure out of the last days of the legislative session, without public input or analysis. 
If you don’t want to see removal one of the few protections we have against truly massively oversized buildings being allowed in our residential neighborhoods, please write your State Legislators today urging them to oppose this measure:

May 14, 2018