Tenant Advocates and SoHo, NoHo, Chinatown Communities Unite vs. Mayor’s Upzoning Plan

On Monday we also staged a well-attended rally and press conference opposing the Mayor’s upzoning plan for SoHo, NoHo, and Chinatown co-sponsored by TenantsPAC, the Chinatown Working Group, and a vast array of SoHo, NoHo, East Village/Lower East Side, and Lower Manhattan community groups. We were also joined by elected officials and candidates for office.

The gathering sent a powerful message to the Mayor, Borough President, and City Councilmembers who must vote on this plan that it would not result in a more affordable and equitable neighborhood, but just the opposite — it would push out the lowest-income residents and small businesses of the neighborhood, destroy historic buildings and buildings with affordable rent-regulated units, and replace them all with big box chain stores and huge luxury condo and boutique office building high-rises.

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May 13, 2021