Hudson Square Past Campaign Updates

Planning Begins for Design of New Public Open Space at Hudson and Houston Streets — Sessions January 30 and 31

It was also announced last night that “community input” sessions would soon begin for design plans for the new public open space on the same block as 388 Hudson Street, just to the south at Houston Street. That space would cover the remainder of that vacant City-owned lot, where water-tunnel construction had taken place below for decades. The southern section of the site must allow for permanent access to water-tunnel entrance infrastructure underneath, and therefore cannot be built upon.

There will be an in-person “public input” session on the design of the space on Tuesday, January 30, and a “virtual” public input session on Wednesday, January 31. These sessions will be run by the Hudson Square Business Improvement District, which will be in charge of designing and maintaing the space, not HPD. We strongly encourage all who are interested in the future of this space to attend.


January 11, 2024