Discovering Black New York:
A Lecture by Linda Tarrant-Reid

Linda Tarrant-Reid, author and journalist, will examine the earliest community of African Americans in the Five Points District (also called Stagg Town) in Lower Manhattan in the early 1820s; the migration of free blacks to the West Village (Little Africa) in the mid-1800s; and the establishment of African American social and cultural institutions, schools and businesses in Greenwich Village and the surrounding area. The presentation will also review the beginnings of the abolitionist movement and the development of the Underground Rail Road in the community.

Ms. Tarrant-Reid is the author of several books including: Discovering Black America: From the Age of Exploration to the 21st Century and Discovering Black New York: A Guide to the City’s Most Important African American Landmarks, Restaurants, Museums, Historical Sites and More.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
6:30 pm

Hudson Park Branch Library
66 Leroy Street (off 7th Avenue South)