Light or Dark: A Reading of the McSorley’s Poems by Geoffrey Bartholomew

Poet by day, bartender by night, Geoffrey Bartholomew is “the bard of McSorley’s.” After coming to New York City in 1970, Mr. Bartholomew found himself living in an apartment above McSorley’s and soon afterward serving as its bartender. His first volume of poetry inspired by the historic watering hole, Voices from New York City’s Oldest Pub, was influenced larg1ely by the bar’s physical appearance. Light or Dark, the second volume, is focused on the bar’s role in history and the many important figures who passed through its doors. Join Geoffrey Bartholomew as he reads his poetry and discusses the influence McSorley’s had on his life and work.

Monday, October 1, 2012
6:30 pm

McSorley’s, 15 East 7th Street