Poet, artist, and photographer No Land delivers a portion of her photographic archive to Village Preservation. Roaming with her camera through surreal nights and desolate Village dawns, No Land’s photographs transmit the spirals of magic and mystery throughout our neighborhoods. Framed as an illuminated walk, this event will incorporate elements of poetry, photography, and wisdoms of various lineage-artists whose works preserve the Village as a sacred refuge for imagination. Through her artist’s lens, personal histories, and communities of poets and artists, No Land creates a portal to archive fragile worlds gone past, while honoring the present-day Village possibilities that unfurl when one walks blindly and faithfully towards art and the spirit. Her images depict streets aglow in cinematic stillness, archetypal characters, poet’s worlds hidden behind doorways, a Village of bygone and current electricities. 

No Land is an artist, poet and curator – born and working in New York City. Her work has been recognized for continuing the lineage of downtown NYC artist counterculture, honoring an intuitive vow towards creation. In her visual creations & poet-performance work with musicians, No Land’s art evokes reverence for mystery and chaos. She left art school in 2011, prioritizing spirit encounters with downtown artists, poets and activists, such as Occupy Wall Street’s street art builders, Steve Cannon’s Tribes Gallery, and Anne Waldman’s outrider poet worlds. As a poet and vocalist, she has performed in collaborative works at Jazzfest Berlin, Crossing Borders Festival in the Hague, Enclave Festival (Mexico City), LaMaMa Galleria (NYC), The Kennedy Center (DC), Roulette Intermedium, Issue Project Room, and on NYC street corners during the 2020 pandemic. In 2018, she released Authentic Artifice, an art-book of poetry and photographs, published by Newest York, with other forthcoming publications in 2021. Her work has appeared in the Brooklyn Rail, Disonare, The Village Voice, and in publications by Bill Moyers and Levy Gorvy Gallery. Her forthcoming publications include: The Velvet Wire, with Anne Waldman, and Putting On Minds, a book of poems, (2022).  www.maepoe.com (Contact No Land via: jailhousetapes [at] gmail [dot] com)

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
6:00 pm
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