Village Preservation’s three-part course for elementary students focuses on the area around Bleecker and Carmine Street, from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. All students receive an activity book to be used during our time together. It also includes supplemental activities to be done with the students’ families on their own immigrant history.

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Session 1: Introduction

In the first lesson, our educator comes to your classroom to lead a lesson on the different people that have lived in the area now known as Greenwich Village. Students explore the immigrant experience through the lens of mass Italian immigration in the late 19th century,

Session 2: Walking Tour

Travel back in time as you join us on Bleecker Street at Father Demo Square for a guided walking tour filled with activities. Learn about the settlement of the area, from the Lenape Native Americans, to the African American community known as “Little Africa” to the waves of Italian immigrants who settled here in the late 19th-century.

Session 3: Art Project

The third lesson is a culminating art project to be done in the classroom led by our educator. This class offers guided art projects that focus on the materials learned in the first two lessons. Some students will do a paper bag row house project, where they draw, cut, and paste to build their own personalized row house. Others will cut, build, and color three-dimensional models of row houses, tenements, storefronts, and church (example below).

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Classes are free for qualifying schools and cost $50 per session on a sliding scale to schools that can afford to pay. All lessons can be individualized to the specific needs of the school and students.

This course aligns with NYS and NYC learning standards for Social Studies, English, Language Arts, and the Arts.