CB2 hearing: 11/15/2021 – Read into the record

Second CB2 hearing: 5/16/2022

LPC hearing: 6/7/2022 – No Action

LPC meeting: 8/2/2022 – No Action

LPC meeting: 9/13/2022 – see below for instructions on participating in the virtual public meeting. Public attendance is welcome, but spoken public testimony is not. To submit written testimony of any length in advance of the hearing, send it to testimony@lpc.nyc.gov by 12:00 noon on the Monday before the hearing. Click HERE for suggested guidelines for testimony from Village Preservation.

Greenwich Village Historic District
Bank Street between Greenwich Street and Washington Street


1) From the CB2 agenda: Application is to connect the two buildings internally; restore the façade, repair the masonry, and areaway alterations at 105 Bank; install new windows at the secondary, east façade of 105 Bank; at both rear yards, remove the existing extensions, construct new rear yard extensions at both buildings, and an expansion of the existing (eastern) bulkhead. Revised for 5/16/2022 CB2 Meeting.

2) View the application: 9/13/2022: Available in PDF; 8/2/2022: Available in PDF; 6/7/2022: Available in PDF; 5/16/2022: Available in PDF; 11/15/2021: Available in PDF.

3) View the video: A curated list of LPC videos of these presentations from March 2014 onward can be found on our YouTube page. Please note that the LPC posts these videos about a week after the presentation. Videos include the applicant’s presentation, public testimony (for hearings only), and deliberation by the LPC commissioners.

4) LPC designation report: Available in PDF.

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1) Community Board 2 public hearing:
November 15, 2021 at 6:30pm via Zoom

2) Community Board 2 public hearing:
May 16, 2022 at 6:30pm via Zoom

3) Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) virtual public hearing:
June 7, 2022 at 9:30am via Zoom and YouTube.

4) Landmarks Preservation Commission public meeting:
August 2, 2022 at 9:30am via Zoom and YouTube
Registration information available here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/lpc/hearings/hearings.page.

5) Landmarks Preservation Commission public meeting:
September 13, 2022 at 9:30am via Zoom and YouTube
Registration information available here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/lpc/hearings/hearings.page.

See instructions for participating in virtual public hearings and meetings here. On the Friday afternoon before the meeting, please click the agenda link on the LPC website for the approximate meeting time (the LPC recommends that you arrive to the virtual meeting 60 minutes prior). The Livestream of the meeting will be on YouTube and is available HERE.  Note that items can sometimes be postponed (laid over) to a future date. Public attendance is welcome but public testimony is not. You can submit your comments to the LPC via email regarding the revised application to testimony@lpc.nyc.gov and please do so no later than noon on the Monday before the public meeting.  Following the meeting, the Commission will officially vote to approve or deny the application or ask that the applicant return at a later date with revisions.


This section provides updates if there are changes to the hearing dates listed above, which includes instances when an application has been laid over (aka postponed). If applicable, LPC public meeting dates for this application will also be tracked here. Please note that public testimony is taken at public hearings, but not at public meetings.

11/5/2021: An incomplete application was shown at this CB2 meeting. The applicant received feedback on the proposed design and will present the project in total at a future meeting.

5/16/2022: CB2 Recommends
A. Approval of the front facade restoration that commendably preserves the separation of the facades as two distinct houses; and
B. Approval of the lot line windows and the addition of a parapet on the east side; and
C. Denial of the penthouse on 105 as objectionably visible from public thoroughfares; and
D. Denial of the rear addition to 105 unless it is reduced by one story and that the top story back wall preserve the line of the original back wall; and
E. Denial of the rear addition to 107 unless the windows on the basement and parlor floors are of a design more suitable to the building.

6/7/2022: LPC Public Hearing
No action. Applicant asked to come back after redesigning the front cornice and reducing the rooftop and rear yard additions.

8/2/2022: LPC Public Meeting
No action. Applicant asked to further reduce the addition.

9/13/2022: Approved with modifications.

Please note: All LPC public hearings and public meetings are held at the Municipal Building, 1 Centre Street, 9th floor north, public hearing room (unless otherwise noted).

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