APPROVED with modifications 05/08/2020

CB2 hearing: 09/12/2019
LPC hearing: 09/24/2019 – laid over
LPC hearing: 10/08/2019
LPC meeting: 03/17/2020 – canceled
LPC meeting: 05/08/2020

Greenwich Village Historic District
At the southwest corner of West 10th Street


1) From the CB2 agenda: Application is to restore the facade and install a rooftop addition, demolish an adjacent one-story building, and construct a new building.

2) View the application: 05/08/2020 Available in PDF; 10/08/2019 Available in PDF.

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This section provides updates if there are changes to the hearing dates listed above, which includes instances when an application has been laid over (aka postponed). If applicable, LPC public meeting dates for this application will also be tracked here. Please note that public testimony is taken at public hearings, but not at public meetings.

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05/05/2020: At today’s public meeting, the Commission approved this application unanimously with the following modifications: the applicant work with staff to re-study the materiality of the penthouse above the historic building and to re-study the height of the brick fin wall at the western end of the new building. All of the Commissioners approved the demolition of the existing one-story extension at the rear of No. 21 fronting West 10th Street. Commissioners Goldblum, Holford-Smith, Jefferson, Lufty, and Devonshire had issue with the height of the western brick fin wall. Commissioners Goldblum, Chapin, Holford-Smith, Gustafsson, Lufty, and Devonshire had issue with the materiality of the penthouse atop No. 21. Commissioner Shamir-Baron raised issue with the projecting bay of the new building but said she could approve the application and Commissioner Chen said that he thought the new building was still too tall but could accept it.

10/08/2019: At today’s LPC public hearing, the Commission took no action on this application and the applicant was asked to make revisions and present at a future public meeting. With the exception of Michael Devonshire, all the Commissioners supported the demolition of the one-story rear extension. All of them objected to the materiality of the new addition and felt that it impeded the new building from being contextual both in relation to 21 Greenwich Avenue and to the surrounding buildings. Some of the Commissioners felt that the new structure needed to be reduced by a floor and two felt that the penthouse on 21 Greenwich Avenue needed to be less visible.