APPROVED on 06/24/2014

CB2 hearing: 04/28/2014
LPC hearing: 05/06/2014
LPC meeting: 06/24/2014

Gansevoort Market Historic District
Corner of 12th Street


1) From the LPC agenda: A 19th and early 20th century wagon storage building and stables combined and altered in 1921-22 as a vernacular style garage with stores. Application is to alter the ground floor and construct an addition. Zoned M 1-5

2) View the application: Approved revised application (6/24/14)

Original application presented to LPC on 5/6/14 provided by BKSK Architects; additional photos of the application by Village Preservation at the CB2 Landmarks Committee meeting; see also LPC video of presentation

3) LPC designation report: Read this property’s architectural/historical description.

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As of:

  • 6/24/14: Application approved at today’s public meeting, and is now closed. The revised application features a rooftop addition with virtually the same massing as was originally proposed. The biggest change is the emphasis of a metal frame at the roof rather than glass, which is something the commissioners had asked for at the hearing. The windscreen was also removed from the proposal. On the ground floor, brick piers have been added to the Ninth Avenue side to emphasize the historic building’s irregularity, and the canopy has been reduced. The historic material of the second floor will be preserved.
  • 6/20/14: Application scheduled for an LPC public meeting on 6/24 at approximately 10:50pm. Testimony is not taken at this time, but the public is welcome to attend as the applicant presents revisions to the original proposal.
  • 5/6/14: At today’s public hearing, the LPC took no action on this application and requested that the applicant make changes to the proposal. The commissioners said that they felt the proposal featured too much glass, both at the ground floor and at the rooftop, which made the historic brick second floor appear as if was floating. The glass was too dominant, and they felt incorporating more metal at the rooftop addition would be a better tie-in to the structural frame of the historic building below. However, some Commissioners expressed that they felt that a visible rooftop addition with this massing could be approvable here.They also felt that the regularization of windows at the historic building’s second floor was problematic, and that the grittiness of the building should be preserved (some felt the applicant should propose less changes at the second floor). One commissioner felt that the Ninth Avenue façade should be reworked in order to emphasize the incremental quality of the building (since it is made up of several old buildings). Some felt that the canopy should be more opaque or the glass should be reduced. Overall, they wanted to see a more solid base that preserved historic elements, and a rooftop addition that featured much less glass (and perhaps more steel). Some also felt the lighting should be reduced.