City Council Virtual Public Hearing on Disastrous SoHo/NoHo/Chinatown Upzoning Plan Next Tuesday, Nov. 9, around 11:30 am

SoHo photo by Megan (Markham) Bucknall/Unsplash (left); City Counil photo by Gerardo Romo/NYC Council (right)
Photos by Megan (Markham) Bucknall/Unsplash (left) and Gerardo Romo/NYC Council (right)

The City Council’s sole public hearing on the massive and disastrous proposed upzoning of SoHo, NoHo, and parts of Chinatown will be next Tuesday, November 9, in the Zoning Subcommittee of the City Council. The virtual meeting begins at 10 am, but this is the fourth and final agenda item, so this item’s hearing is not expected to begin before 11:30 am, and will likely go for many, many hours. Speakers will be given 2 minutes for testimony. WE STRONGLY URGE EVERYONE WHO CAN TESTIFY TO SIGN UP TO SPEAK (you must register to speak before 10 am Monday).

Whether or not you can testify virtually, we also STRONGLY URGE YOU TO SUBMIT WRITTEN TESTIMONY TO THE CITY COUNCIL (if you cannot testify, don’t sign up to speak in opposition, just submit testimony). Talking points you may want to use for testimony (verbal or written) can be found here. More information on the hearing is HERE. More information on the rezoning proposal can be found here and here.

The SoHo/NoHo/Chinatown rezoning plan would be a disaster for these neighborhoods, and set a blueprint for similar rezonings throughout our neighborhoods, which the current and likely incoming Mayor have both promised to do. IT’S CRITICAL THAT WE STOP IT!

November 2, 2021