City Planning Commission Hearing on “City of Yes” Wednesday, July 10 Beginning at 10 am — PLEASE TESTIFY OR SUBMIT COMMENTS

Next Wednesday, the City Planning Commission will hold its public hearing on Mayor Adams “City of Yes for Housing Opportunity” plan, a sprawling 1,400-page proposal largely premised on the notion that increasing the amount of unaffordable housing we build will make NYC more affordable for everyone. The plan includes provisions that would allow larger and taller luxury condos in our neighborhoods, remove or weaken longstanding regulations that have helped maintain neighborhood character, and make it easier to build upon the tiny sliver of open green space in our neighborhoods. While there are elements of the vast plan to which we do not object or even see some positive aspects, the plan as currently configured is deeply flawed and would do great harm to neighborhoods like ours, as well as many others.

The majority of the City Planning Commission’s members are appointed by the Mayor (the remainder are appointed by the five borough presidents and the Public Advocate), and thus the body is almost certain to approve the plan. However, they may make significant revisions, especially as the plan must also be approved by the City Council, which will hear the plan in the fall. It’s critical that we have a strong showing to push the City Planning Commission to remove or change these unnecessary and harmful provisions.


Note: Information on attending the meeting by videoconference won’t be posted until Wednesday morning, July 10, an hour or more before the meeting begins. Use our sample letter linked above as the basis for your testimony.

July 3, 2024