Explore, Celebrate, and Preserve LGBTQ+ History with Village Preservation This Pride Month

No place on Earth is richer in LGBTQ+ history than our neighborhoods of Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo. And no one does more to share and celebrate that history than Village Preservation.

This Pride Month, we’ve got dozens of ways for you to join in the celebration, advocate to preserve LGBTQ+ landmarks, or just learn a little more about your neighborhoods and LGBTQ+ history: 

The LGBT Community Center (left) and the Stonewall Inn, two historic sites Village Preservation worked to protect.
  • Read or listen to our LGBTQ-themed oral histories.
  • Browse scores of LGBT-themed blog posts.
  • Read about Village Preservation’s groundbreaking successes in securing landmark designation for LGBTQ+ sites, including the Stonewall Inn (here and here), Julius’ Bar, and the LGBT Community Center, the Gay Activists Alliance Firehouse, Cafe Cino, and the Pyramid Club (here). 


We’ve also been seeking landmark designation for our proposed South of Union Square Historic District, which contains a rich array of sites connected to LGBTQ+ history, but so far the city has refused.

Learn more on our LGBTQ+ history page

June 1, 2023