Important Progress and Critical New Hurdles in West Village 5G Tower Fight

First, the good news: we have received additional written notification that planned 32-ft.-tall metallic 5G towers we had opposed at 771 Greenwich Street, 445 West Street, 807 Greenwich Street, and 100 Gansevoort Street “are no longer being pursued” by the company seeking to site them there. This is an important victory for our efforts to ensure these ungainly and often unnecessary towers are not sited at locations where they will negatively impact historic resources in our neighborhoods.

The bad news: plans are continuing to be pursued for two proposed towers in our neighborhood near 100 Horatio Street and 100 Jane Street, in spite of opposition not only from us and other local groups, but also a determination by the NY State Historic Preservation Office that such towers would have an “adverse effect” on historic resources in the neighborhood as part of the historic preservation review in which we are a consulting party. Though the large planned video screen has been removed from the proposed structure in response to our and others’ objections, the 32-ft.-tall metallic tower remains as part of the proposal for this site.

The company behind these plans is forging ahead in spite of this determination, utilizing flimsy arguments such as that leaves from street trees will obscure the view of the structures and thus mitigate the impact. We are opposing their latest submission for these sites and urging state agencies and others to remain firm in their opposition — read our letters here and here.


February 23, 2024