New Images Show The Tip of The SoHo/NoHo Upzoning Iceberg

Image courtesy of Municipal Art Society

Our friends at the Municipal Art Society have created a 3-D Google Earth map showing what SoHo, NoHo, and Chinatown would look like with the 84 new developments the city predicts would take place under their proposed upzoning of the area — go here to access (you have to download an application to view it, but the process is relatively simple and easy).

Here are some screen shots of what some of the predicted new developments would look like: 

Images courtesy of Municipal Art Society; click here to see more

But be aware: this ONLY shows those developments the City predicts will take place under their upzoning scenario. It leaves out scores and possibly hundreds of additional sites where new construction or vertical enlargements can and are likely to be built if the upzoning is passed, but which the City’s analysis fails to include. The City categorically excludes from their projections the possibility of housing with rent-regulated units or houses of worship, private schools, or other institutions from being demolished and redeveloped, even though we see this happen time and time again. So this incredibly helpful visualization from MAS is really only the tip of the iceberg of what the City’s plan for SoHo, NoHo, and Chinatown would really do.

April 23, 2021