New Village Preservation Plaque Honors Anaïs Nin at 17 East 13th Street, #SouthOfUnionSquare

17 East 13th Street, Anaïs Nin, historic plaque

On Monday we unveiled our 17th historic plaque, marking the former personal printing press of writer Anais Nin at 17 East 13th Street in the area South of Union Square.

Anaïs Nin, a renowned author whose diaries, novels, short stories, essays, and volumes of erotica have influenced countless artists and activists, operated her personal press here during a seminal period in her career. She self-published some of her first works here, personally directing all aspects of the printing process, including the selection of typeface, paper, and engravings, which she regarded as an extension of her creative process and writing. This early work helped launch Nin’s career, connecting her to larger publishers and audiences. We were joined at the virtual unveiling by Nin publisher Paul Herron, Nin scholar and friend Suzanne Nalbantian, and Anaïs Nin Foundation Board Member Steven Reigns. Watch the video here, and see images here.

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September 29, 2021