Next Steps for Saving Theatre 80

We are deeply saddened to report that this Tuesday, lacking intervention from the city, 78-80 St. Mark’s Place, the longtime home of Theatre 80, was sold at auction — read more HERE. This is a tragic loss for our city and neighborhood, and particularly tragic for the Otways, the long-time proprietors of the building and theater. 

However, this need not be the end of this story. The Otways are still urging the city to intervene to take possession of the building and allow it to be operated by a non-profit which would continue the work of Theatre 80, and we are still fighting to have the historic building landmarked, so no matter who the owner is, we can ensure this piece of our city’s history is not destroyed. We will continue to work to try to ensure that the cultural vitality embodied by Theatre 80 and the history embodied by this building survive. 


May 12, 2023