Now Even More Ways to Track and Respond to Proposed Changes to Local Landmarked Properties

More than 10 years ago, Village Preservation became the very first place in New York City where you could see applications for changes to landmarked properties that require public review (called “Certificates of Appropriateness”) online, and find out when hearings would take place and how you can get involved. Now groups across the city do the same, as does the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

More than just providing this information and including it in our e-newsletters, Village Preservation actually allows you to sign up for notifications about individual landmarks applications or addresses — either current ones or ones that you just want to know if any such applications are ever filed there at any point in the future. We let you know when the application is filed and hearings are scheduled, changes to the application, how you can participate in hearings and/or submit testimony, and the results of each step of the process. This way, you don’t have to sort through applications for all 3,500 landmarked properties in our neighborhoods  every day (like we do) just to find out when one which might be of interest to you is filed.

Now we’ve made tracking applications even easier. In addition to a specific address, you can sign up to receive notifications when any application is filed on any block(s) of interest to you. And now we also allow you to sign up for notifications of applications within any of the 15 historic districts and district extensions located in our neighborhoods. So if your interests are broader, we’ve got you covered.

We make it as easy as possible for you to receive information about these proposed changes to landmarked properties in our neighborhood, which run the gamut from changing windows, doors, or paint colors, to rooftop or rear yard additions, to demolition and construction of new buildings.

January 18, 2022