Rally for SoHo, NoHo, and Chinatown and Against City Upzoning Plan Monday at Noon

Join Village Preservation, the Chinatown Working Group, TenantsPAC, and SoHo, NoHo, East Village, and Lower East Side community groups for a rally and press conference this coming Monday, May 10, at noon in front of 183 Centre Street (just north of Canal Street), in the area the city proposes to upzone. On sites like these, developers who have made generous campaign contributions to decision-makers including the Mayor are slated to receive HUGE zoning increases allowing them to build enormous buildings with little or no affordable housing. Proposed changes will displace longtime businesses and residents, especially lower-income ones, and encourage the demolition of affordable rent regulated housing and historic buildings.

In recent weeks we’ve seen opposition to the City’s plan grow, and the City delay filing of the proposal. Join advocates for tenants, Chinatown residents, and low-income New Yorkers in pushing back on this heinous developer-giveaway plan. 

Join us Monday, May 10, at Noon at 183 Centre Street. 

May 6, 2021