REMINDER: Important Public Hearings Wednesday on “City of Yes” and Plans for the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center and 388 Hudson Street

This Wednesday is a big day for our city and our neighborhood, with the City Planning Commission’s sole public hearing on Mayor Adams’ “City of Yes for Housing Opportunity” starting at 10 am and a public hearing on the city’s plans for the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center (Carmine Street and Seventh Avenue South) and the nearby planned development of 388 Hudson Street (at Clarkson Street) at 5:30 pm. Both have in-person and virtual options for attendance and participation.

Mayor Adams’ “City of Yes for Housing Opportunity” will change the way residential development can take place across our city, and much of it not for the better. It will allow bigger and taller luxury condo developments in our neighborhoods, more extensive air rights transfers with less public oversight, and building on precious slivers of green space where such development is currently prohibited. BE SURE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THESE TROUBLING PROPOSALS!


The beloved Tony Dapolito Recreation Center and its outdoor pool with Keith Haring murals have been closed to the public for years due to a lack of repairs. The city is supposed to report on its plans for the site, but published reports give cause for concern. Will the city claim the center is too expensive to repair and must be replaced? The city will also be giving an update on its plans for a high-rise tower nearby at 388 Hudson Street, which we and others have demanded be restricted to permanently affordable housing, and made lower and squatter to fit the surrounding neighborhood and park better. Has the city finally listened, or are they continuing to ignore public feedback?


July 8, 2024