Sign The Petition to NYC Mayoral Candidates: Our Next Mayor Must Value Preserving Landmarks and Neighborhoods

The campaign for Mayor of New York City is in full swing, with primary elections June 22. The next Mayor needs to know that historic preservation makes for a better and more resilient NYC — it encourages investment and economic development, it’s green, it helps preserve, protect, and uplift diverse histories and communities, and makes it easier for longtime residents and small businesses to stay in their homes. 

Big real estate is pouring millions into the Mayoral race, and they’re gunning for longstanding landmark and zoning protections that put people and communities first over a quick buck. Let the candidates know you want a diverse, sustainable, equitable and beautiful NYC, and that historic preservation is a key part of that. Sign the petition to Mayoral candidates sponsored by Village Preservation and a coalition of NYC preservation and neighborhood organizations.

March 29, 2021