URGENT PRESERVATION ALERT: City Proposes to Cut Landmarks Public Review Process

Plan Would Move Huge Number of Applications
Out of Public View,
Make Decisions Behind Closed Doors

Hearing March 27th

The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) has proposed a broad set of changes to its rules governing how applications for changes to landmarked properties and properties in historic districts are decided. The proposal would take many such applications OUT of the public review and approval process. Now, these applications come before local community boards, and the public is notified and has the opportunity to testify or submit comments or evidence about the applications and why they should or should not be approved. If this new proposal passes, there would be no public notification, and no opportunity for the public to comment upon, provide evidence about, or even know about many of these applications. They would instead be decided behind closed doors at “staff level” by the Commission – a process tightly controlled by the LPC Chair.

This proposal is an unacceptable attempt to hide these important decisions from public view, and cut neighbors, elected officials, community boards, and preservationists out of the process. DON’T LET THIS PROPOSAL GO THROUGH!

Come to the public hearing about this plan on Tuesday, March 27th at 9:30am at the LPC hearing room, Municipal Building, One Centre Street, 9th floor. Use the sample letter as testimony (3 minute limit; written comments can be longer), or just come to show support.

This anti-transparency measure would be a great setback for preservation and open government. Tell the Mayor and the LPC Chair NO!

March 6, 2018