Women’s History Month — Tell Us Who Means the Most to You!

Some of our neighborhoods’ most impactful women (clockwise from top left): Frances Perkins, Leontyne Price, Ida Rauh, Rose Scheniderman, Margaret Sanger, Ana Marie Simo, Eleanor Roosevelt.

We celebrate women’s history all year, but especially during Women’s History Month in March. We’re holding great programs, sharing fascinating resources, and advocating to honor and protect women’s history sites

But we’re also asking you — which of the plethora of amazing women of Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo matter most to you? Who do you feel had the biggest impact? Whose work do you most admire?

Was it revolutionary urbanist and preservationist Jane Jacobs? Iconic photographer Berenice Abbott? Folk singer and activist Joan Baez? Playwright and civil rights leader Lorraine Hansberry? First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt? Multimedia artist Yoko Ono? Punk Poet Patti Smith? 

Explore scores of the most impactful women of Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo, and this Women’s History Month, let us know who you think had the biggest impact.

March 9, 2023