Art on the Ave was conceived in June 2020 by three teachers struggling to find a way to discuss the year’s events with their students. They thought about art and its ability to provoke dialogue. Putting art in public spaces – the streets and sidewalks that took on a whole new significance through the lockdown, the protests, and the economic downturn – became their way forward. Working directly with gallerists and showcasing the work of local artists (which are available for purchase!), Art on the Ave was born, and now it has come to our neighborhoods! Join this special panel of Art on the Ave creators and artists, and Village Preservation’s Director of Research, to hear about the project, the art, and the history of the buildings in which the art is displayed. 

Art On The Ave will run from April 15 through mid-July, and a few of the addresses already set for installations are 120 Christopher Street, 548 Hudson Street, 561 Hudson Street, 571 Hudson Street, and 353 Bleecker Street, among others (maps will be provided for self-guided walks). 

Susan Davis Eley (co-curator) comes from a background in art and design, and believes in the power of art to shape and invigorate community. Her brand encompasses art consultation/curation, design, and real estate. To maximize the synergistic connection between art and real estate, she creates interactive events for developers and curates art exhibitions. She works in partnership with Norma Krieger, Krieger I Eley Art Advisors. As a community activist with a focus on the Vacant Storefront blight, Susan is excited to be part of Art on the Ave NYC, in a proactive mission toward revitalizing community through art.

Norma Krieger (co-curator) is a Pratt Institute graduate. As curator and educator, she has used the power of art to enhance the lives of many in galleries, cultural/academic institutions, and corporate industry. Norma has taught at RIT and Pratt Institute Graduate School and is Chair of the Pratt institute Alumni Network NYC. She works in partnership with Susan Davis-Eley, Krieger | Eley Art Advisors. What Norma loves about Art on the Ave is the learning process; it is exciting to see how art transforms a community into a university without walls urban model. Providing access to art has such enormous art education value.

Barbara Anderson has been a teacher for 26 years. She has spent the last 5 years teaching middle schoolers who keep her young and on her toes. Barbara feels strongly that art has the power to heal and to inspire. What Barbara loves about Art on the Ave is the fact that the art is at street level and accessible to all. Art brings life and energy into our neighborhoods and this is good for any community.

Jackie Graham is a high school social studies teacher who lives in British Columbia, Canada.  She also works as the Program Officer of an arts council and has a Masters in Art Business. In her roles, Jackie strives to activate her community and works to open people’s eyes. She is inspired by her work with Art on the Ave and its potential to spread stories that would otherwise go unheard.

Sarah Bean Apmann is Village Preservation’s Director of Research and Preservation. She has worked as an architectural historian in historic preservation for the past twenty years. She received her BA in History from Lehigh University and her MS in Historic Preservation from Columbia University.

Co-hosted by the Village Alliance

Thursday, May 13, 2021
6:00 pm
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