Second Avenue is rich in cultural history. Join urban geographer and professor Dr. Elissa Sampson for a virtual stroll down the famed historic thoroughfare of the erstwhile “Yiddish Rialto” with its myriad theaters, music halls, and musical venues. We will see and learn about the names of many famous performers of the Yiddish theater on the Second Avenue “Starwalk,” the Fillmore East, and its past life as a Yiddish theater, the former Yiddish Arts Theater, and more. Special Attraction: This Webinar has its own official Kibbitzer, Jack Lebewohl of the Second Avenue Deli whose Molly Picon room offered diners a birds-eye view of Second Avenue’s theatrical denizens.

Dr. Elissa Sampson is a visiting scholar and lecturer in the Jewish Studies Program at Cornell University whose recent publications touch upon Jewish life in the Lower East Side.

Jack Lebewohl is the owner of the Second Avenue Deli whose clientele can happily attest to his bonafides as a kibbitzer as well as a restauranteur.

This digital “tour” is part of Lower East Side History Month.

Monday, May 18, 2020
6:00 pm
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