Take Action on an Advocacy Campaign

Demand Overdue Reform and Enforcement Following 14 Gay Street Debacle

After years of neglect, violations, complaints, and faulty work, a new owner with an established bad track record has performed what the city calls illegal work on the 200-year-old landmarked 14 Gay Street. This should never have been allowed to happen. Demand that the City must take swift action here and to reform its processes to ensure the safety of other landmarked and equally fragile properties.

Landmark Julius’ Bar Building and Other Unprotected Historic Sites

Support landmark designation of Julius’ Bar Building at 159 West 10th Street/188 Waverly Place, an incredibly important site in the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement, as well as many more unprotected locations connected to the struggles and histories of LGBTQ+ people, African Americans, women, people with disabilities, and others in our neighborhoods.

Save 813 + 815 Broadway and the Proposed South of Union Square Historic District

Support landmark designation of the endangered, historic 813 and 815 Broadway, and the entire proposed South of Union Square Historic District. These two buildings are of extraordinary significance to New York and American history.

Councilmember Carlina Rivera, the old St. Denis Hotel at 11th Street and Broadway, and the building at 799 Broadway that replaced it.

Tell Councilmember Rivera to Finally Keep Her Promise to Support Needed Protections for the Neighborhood She Represents

When she ran for City Council in 2017, Councilmember Rivera publicly pledged that she would not support the Mayor’s Tech Hub plan unless it came along with comprehensive zoning or landmark protections for the surrounding neighborhood. Four years later, she has not only not secured a single additional neighborhood protection, she has failed to publicly support a single one.

Landmark 50 West 13th Street, Home of 19th-Century Abolitionist and Voting Rights Crusader Jacob Day

The 1846 house at 50 West 13th Street in Greenwich Village, home of 19th-century African American voting rights and civil rights crusader Jacob Day as well as the 13th Street Repertory Theater, is endangered. We must renew our push to preserve and protect the building.

Recognize and Protect LGBTQ+ Landmarks South of Union Square

There is a rich array of sites connected to LGBTQ+ history in the area of Greenwich Village and the East Village South of Union Square that lack landmark protections. As a result, these enormously important historic sites are vulnerable to compromise or demolition, and more are being lost every day. Send a message that we must protect or support protections for this incredibly important and underrepresented history

Don’t Destroy Our Neighborhoods with Unnecessary or Overblown Zoning Changes

The Mayor has released a three-pronged plan for changing zoning regulations and development rules for NYC. Send a message to the Mayor, the City Council, and other city officials that improving sustainability, regulations for small businesses, and opportunities for truly affordable housing are all important goals to work toward — but they can’t be an excuse for real estate giveaways, unnecessarily oversized developments, and removal of regulations on businesses that help protect neighborhoods.

City Officials Must Be Held Accountable for Gansevoort Demolition Deception

Freedom of Information requests reveal that city agencies hid expert opinions that the nine landmarked 1840s houses at 44-54 Ninth Avenue/351-55 West 14th Street could have been been preserved rather than having their facades demolished. This type of deception, hiding of information, and government by lobbyists is unacceptable, and all involved must be held accountable.

Preserve one of NY’s “Seven to Save” — Landmark #SouthOfUnionSquare NOW!

The proposed South of Union Square Historic District has been named one of New York State’s “Seven to Save” — one of the seven most important endangered historic sites in all of New York State. Tell our city’s leaders — via email, tweet, or both — that they need to act immediately and support landmark designation of this area.

Vigorously Oppose the NYU SoHo/NoHo Expansion Lawsuit

NYU has filed a lawsuit to overturn the provisions in the SoHo/NoHo/Chinatown rezoning that prohibit it and other private universities from expanding in the area. The administration and the City Council must step up and fight this lawsuit to the highest court and demonstrate that claims about the purpose of the rezoning were not all a lie.

Preserve + Protect Women’s History Landmarks South of Union Square

Recognize and protect more than 20 women’s history sites South of Union Square and support designation of the area as a historic district as proposed by Village Preservation.

Recognize and Preserve Black History Landmarks

Village Preservation has been waging campaigns to seek landmark designation for key Black history sites in Greenwich Village and the East Village that are unprotected and vulnerable to demolition. These sites represent the rich array of African American history in our neighborhoods over the last 200 years, from battles for abolition, civil rights, and voting rights, to vibrant cultural, literary, artistic, and musical movements. Much of this history has been overlooked, ignored, or undervalued.

Save Old P.S. 64/CHARAS

Tell Mayor de Blasio to live up to his campaign promise and work to reacquire old P.S. 64/CHARAS and return it to community use.

Urge City Officials to deliver on their ‘Equity Framework’ and landmark 285-287 East 3rd Street

Tell the Landmarks Preservation Commission to take immediate action in honoring the legacy of Steve Cannon with 285-287 East 3rd Street’s designation as a landmark.

Save the Merchant’s House Museum

Proposed construction next door to the Merchant’s House Museum could do grave damage to this historic and vital public resource.

Protect Julius’ Bar and other important sites of LGBT history

Tell the Mayor and Landmarks Preservation Commission to formally recognize and protect additional sites of incredible importance to LGBT history such as Julius’ Bar.

Expand Landmark Protections in the East Village

Urge the LPC Chair to to support significantly expanded landmark protections in the East Village, as advocated for by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation and a broad coalition of neighborhood and preservation organizations.