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Call 311 About 43 MacDougal Street!

GVSHP and neighbors have long suspected that there might be squatters living inside 43 MacDougal Street, the deteriorating, 1846 landmarked building about which we’ve blogged before. Yesterday neighbors woke up to find that the facade had gotten a fresh coat of graffiti, so we just ran over and snapped a photo. As it appears, if someone is not actually living inside the building, they certainly have easy access to vandalize the upper floors.

43 MacDougal Street

But whoa, hold on! Today apparently brings new, bizarre surprises. Let’s zoom in a little closer on that photo…

Yikes! Our eyes weren’t playing tricks on us. There is indeed a mannequin painted in psychedelic colors perched on the fire escape.

Is this a bizarre art installation or someone’s trash? The only thing we know for sure is that someone is definitely accessing the building, and maybe even living there. If we were the neighbors, we’d be pretty angry about this, especially since 43 MacDougal Street has been on the City’s radar as a health and safety threat ever since GVSHP began making noise about it several years ago. Since the mannequin is on a fire escape, this is surely a fire hazard, not to mention it could fall down and hit someone on the street. Since 2007, we have written numerous letters to nearly every related city agency, and still the building remains in this terrible state. That things continue to worsen is entirely unacceptable.

We urge our readers to take action to help solve this ongoing problem! Please call 311 to report this incident, and let us know if you see anything else suspicious taking place on the site.

2 responses to “Call 311 About 43 MacDougal Street!

  1. A year or two ago, during the halloween parade, I was standing in front of One King St, the building next to 43 MacDougal. I difinitely saw someone enter the building’s door & close it behind him. He seemed to sort of “slip” in as though he didn’t want anyone to see. Someone who was with me saw this as well. I waited to see if he came out but he never did & I was quite surprised he was able to get in because I thought the door was padlocked, but perhaps that is his lock???
    Having grown up next to this building, I find the condition of this building and the possibility of squatters extremely upsetting. I will call 311 regarding this.

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