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NYU Expansion Plan More Than A Little Scary

recently sent around a notice about this year’s NYU and Community Board #2 Children’s Halloween Parade.

According to NYU, they want “YOU to help!” design an image for this year’s parade.

Well, we couldn’t think of anything scarier than NYU’s massive proposed 20-Year Expansion Plan, in which the university asks the City to give them public land, lift zoning restrictions, loosen open space requirements, and eliminate urban renewal deed restrictions in order to allow the addition 2.5 million square feet of space (the equivalent of the Empire State Building!) south of Washington Square Park (the long public hearing and approval process is expected to begin in the next few months — read more HERE).

Part of NYU's 2031 expansion plan.

So that inspired us to enter the contest, and offer what we thought would be an appropriate design.

Here it is:

The $500 gift certificate to the NYU Bookstore/NYU Computer Store being offered to the winner sounds awfully good to us.  Although given that the winner will be selected by NYU’s Office of Government and Community Affairs, we may be underdogs in this contest.

But that’s never stopped us before, nor should it stop you! 

GVSHP invites you to submit your best design illustrating just how scary you find NYU’s massive expansion plans — see the rules and contact information listed BELOW for the NYU/Community Board 2 Children’s Halloween Parade:

But just in case our friends at the NYU Office of Government and Community Affairs don’t quite see eye to eye with your vision of their expansion plans, we ask you to submit your design to us as well! 

Send your entries to us at offthegrid [at] gvshp.org, and we’ll pick some of our favorites to post here on the blog, and use in our upcoming efforts to fight NYU’s plan.

Note that the deadline is September 8th — let’s get those creative juices flowing!

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