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Rooftop Additions, 315 East 10th Street and 514-516 East 6th Street

Last week we had a bittersweet victory when the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted in favor of designating the East 10th Street Historic District mere minutes after the Department of Buildings approved a permit for a rooftop addition at 315 East 10th Street in the middle of the block. This building like much of the block is remarkably intact (take a look at these historic images to see how little has changed) with distinctive ornament that we fear will be stripped during the construction of the addition.

Today, the Board of Standards and Appeals is holding a hearing about illegal penthouse additions at 514-516 East 6th Street, constructed by the same developer who plans to build atop 315 East 10th Street and has constructed illegal rooftop additions at 515 East 5th Street.

In addition to these East Village buildings, GVSHP has advocated against inappropriate rooftop additions at the Puck Building and the Chelsea Market. To stay updated about alterations and additions to other landmarks buildings check out our landmarks application page, here.

We are not unilaterally opposed to rooftop additions. We evaluate them using the following criteria:

– Would the addition affect the sense of place in the area of the building?
– What alterations have been made to the building over time and how would this addition affect the building?
– Does the addition contribute to the building and the streetscape?
– What is the quality of the proposed addition’s materials and details?
– How visible is the addition from the street?
– Will the addition affect an historic roof line or cornice?

Taking a look at the illegal additions at 514-516 East 6th Street (left) and 515 East 5th Street (right) it is clear that the construction is inappropriate, out of scale and detracts from the character of the buildings and the streetscape.  If you would like to voice your opposition to the additions at 514-516 East 6th Street we have a sample letter here that you can send to the Board of Standards and Appeals.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words so let’s take a look at the proposed addition at 315 East 10th Street, pictured at left. Disappointing, to say the least.

If you are as fired up about this as we are write to the Landmarks Preservation Commission asking them to move quickly in protecting the historic fabric of the East Village from any more demolitions and inappropriate additions or alterations.  We have a sample letter you can use here.

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