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Back to School! GVSHP’s Children’s Education Program

September means back-to-school time for a lot of New Yorkers, and GVSHP is no exception.

kids ed 3As a non-profit organization, part of our mission is to teach children about history and architecture through our Children’s Education program, using Greenwich Village as a model.  This 3-part program is available to all elementary schools throughout the five boroughs. Each year we send out an information packet to schools describing the program and inviting them to participate. Teachers then contact us to schedule a visit to their class by one of our educators, who goes to the classroom to introduce the children to ideas about how our city developed and grew, using examples in and near Greenwich Village to illustrate.

After the initial classroom session, the class comes to visit Greenwich Village with their teachers and chaperones, and our GVSHP educator leads them on an educational field trip. The students learn about the history of the Village and the different immigrants who came here. They also learn about architecture – the different styles of buildings and how to identify some of the different architectural elements of the buildings. The final session is a hands-on art project back in the classroom, so the children can incorporate what they learned on the field trip.

kids ed 4
Students and teachers on their field trip to Greenwich Village


kids ed 2
Students are so proud of their art projects!

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what the teachers say:

“The students became very mindful of how to observe buildings and other artifacts…[the GVSHP educator] was excellent and imparted his knowledge in a very age-appropriate manner.”
Judy G., PS 64M, Grade 2 teacher

“The kids loved taking what they learned…and incorporating it into their [art projects.]”
Alison E., PS 33, Grade 2 teacher

“We have been studying New York “long ago” so the tour, artifacts, and art activity really enhanced it and gave the students some hands-on experiences.”
Jenny Z., Village Community School, Grades 2-3 teacher

“[The program] Helped with social studies and learning about New York City “then & now”. They enjoyed it thoroughly.
Brook S., PS 132, Grade 2 teacher

“It allowed my kids a more real-life understanding of immigrants’ daily life in our city, connecting history to current times – it covered just the right amount of material and topics.”
Meredith R., PS 59, Grade 4 teacher

“It was very interesting and informative. The kids were engaged. It brought the immigration study close to our school…they felt it “came to life.”
Katie H.,  PS 3, Grades 2-3 teacher

“This program helped my students learn of important landmarks, history, vocabulary, and travel to new places.  The material taught was perfect.”
Erika W.,  PS16Q, Grade 1 teacher

kids ed 1
In the classroom

And the students have something to say, too:

“It was really interesting to see how the architecture changed over time.” Alexa, Grade 4

“All of us learned a lot and especially enjoyed the walking tour.”
Chris, Grade 4

“I like the way the house looks and the way the columns are built.”
Lara, Grade 5

If you are an elementary school teacher, or a parent of an elementary school child, and you are interested in GVSHP’s Children’s Education program, please let us know. You can call 212-475-9585 x 34, or e-mail me at tmineau@gvshp.org


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