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Theaters of Greenwich Village and the East Village

A while back on Off the Grid we wrote about some of our favorite theaters. Theater, performance spaces, and the arts have all always been an important part of the Village, East Village, and NoHo’s cultural heritage and built environment. And last week, as part of our free public programs, we started a series about theaters of Greenwich Village and the East Village with a visit to the HB Playwrights Theater, at HB Studio on Bank Street.

124bankIn case you missed it, you can see photos and video of this program. We were treated to a lecture by Alan Pally, one of HB’s trustees, who told us the wonderful story of Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen, founders of HB, and their dealings in West Village real estate. You’ll have to watch the video to learn the whole story, but let me just say that Liz Taylor and Richard Burton were marginally involved.

Next month the series continues with a visit to Theater for the New City on 1st Avenue in the East Village. Co-founder Crystal Field will present a lecture and slideshow, as well as a short film, outlining the history of Theater for the New City, which began 45 years ago in the West Village, and is still going strong.

tncIn November we’ll visit the New Ohio Theater, located in the Archives Building on Christopher Street. This company operated out of a SoHo location for many years, but they are happy in their new West Village home. They love the neighborhood, and the neighborhood loves them too.

We will continue to explore the theaters of Greenwich Village and the East Village, so be sure to check our website’s “Upcoming Programs” page often, and look for our monthly e-mails.

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