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GVSHP Landmarks Webpage, A Great Resource!

lm leadEver wonder what is going on with the construction of the landmarked building next door, or anywhere in Greenwich Village, NoHo, Gansevoort Market, the South Village, and the East Village?  Well GVSHP offers to the public its Landmarks Applications Webpage, a wonderful resource that provides up-to-the-minute information on landmarked properties which require review via a hearing by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC).  This includes all proposals for demolition, new building and alterations which affect the exterior.  Click HERE for further information of the permit process by LPC.

lm middleThis resource is divided into three parts: Upcoming Applications for applications scheduled to be heard in the near future at the Community Board (CB) and the LPC; Pending Applications for applications which have gone through the public hearing process but still await a final decision by the LPC; and Closed Applications for applications which have already received a final decision by the LPC or have been withdrawn.  On each of these pages there is a search prompt to find any and all applications which have gone through the process since 2009.

Once you have clicked on a property, you will notice a number of resources concerning the application.  First listed are scheduled hearing dates at the Community Board and/or LPC.  Under that you will see the historic district (if applicable), cross streets and a photo of the property.  Scroll down and you will find Application Information.  First listed is a description of the application, provided by the CB or the LPC.  As soon as the application is available to the public, GVSHP posts it in PDF format in “View the Application.”

Next listed is “View the Video.”  GVSHP maintains a curated list of LPC videos of the hearing and public meetings from March 2014 onward which can be found on our YouTube page.  Videos include the applicant’s presentation, public testimony (for hearings only), and deliberation by the LPC commissioners.  When the video is available for a specific application, the direct link to that hearing (and meeting where applicable) is provided.

Webpage for an upcoming application at 31 Charlton Street

The next resource provided is a link to the landmarks designation report describing the building’s history and architecture.  Additionally GVSHP maintains links to all the landmarks designation reports in our area (click HERE).

Finally, you are given the option of being included on email alerts list for any given property.  When an application is closed, the LPC publishes the decision about a month after the hearing or public meeting.  As soon as that information is available, GVSHP also provides a link to the decision in PDF format.

The next section after Application Information is Hearing Times & Community Involvement.  This information only applies to upcoming and pending applications.  Here you may find current information of all scheduled CB hearings and LPC hearings/public meetings including dates, times and locations.  The pubic may speak at the CB and LPC hearings, however not at the LPC meetings.  If you cannot attend the public hearings but would still like to comment on an application, a link is provided on the Landmarks Application page to contact the Community Board or the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The final section on the page is Status of this Application.  This section provides updates if there are changes to the hearing dates, which includes instances when an application has been laid over (aka postponed).  If applicable, LPC public meeting dates for this application will also be tracked here.  Also where applicable, GVSHP provides information here on modifications which may have been recommended on an approved application by the LPC.

We hope you will take advantage of this valuable public resource.  Any questions on the Landmarks Application webpage or specific applications may be directed to us at info@gvshp.org.

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