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Springtime for GVSHP Children’s Education Program

It may not technically be spring just yet, but the spring semester for GVSHP’s Children’s Education program, affectionately known as “Kids’ Ed,” is underway. Every year GVSHP introduces New York City elementary- and middle-school students to the concept of historic preservation with our 3-session program that includes 2 classroom visits and a walking tour of Greenwich Village.

The field trip to Washington Square Park
The field trip to Washington Square Park

A group of students at the Washington Square Arch
A group of students at the Washington Square Arch

Do you remember the first time you set foot in Greenwich Village? Maybe you were born and raised here, or maybe you came when you were young, and vowed that you would return some day. We all know that this is a very special neighborhood, with a look and feel unlike any other. Every year we introduce New York City students to Greenwich Village and we discover that, for many of them, it’s their first time ever being here. In some cases, it’s some students’ first visit to Manhattan!

The feedback we receive from students is overwhelmingly positive. The kids love the historic buildings and love learning about architectural elements like columns and dormers. They learn about how the neighborhood has changed over the years and how different immigrant groups came to the Village from around the world to make a better life. Our curricula mesh with the city’s “Common Core” standards, so teachers are eager to register their classes with us.

If you are a parent or a teacher and would like to learn more about GVSHP’s “Kids’ Ed,” please visit our website. The cost for the program is only $100 per class, and reduced fees are available.

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The students discover the lions.

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