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GVSHPride: Roundup of LGBTQ Resources and Information

Stonewall Inn. Photo courtesy of voicesofny.org.
Stonewall Inn. Photo courtesy of voicesofny.org.

Happy Pride Week! Each June during the week leading up to the Gay Pride March, NYC celebrates Pride Week.  Throughout the week, different groups and organizations will host events, throw parties, and do general outreach and advocacy to promote the history and visibility of the LGBTQ community.  Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has always worked to document and preserve the LGBTQ history and activism that make up an integral part of the story of the Village.  Alongside our advocacy for Stonewall’s historic landmark designation last year and our continued support for landmark status for Julius’ bar, GVSHP also has a variety of resources and blog posts for anyone interested in the LGBTQ history of the Village, which we have rounded up in the links to below. 

In addition, tomorrow night’s program “Marking LGBT History in the Village and Beyond” will be all about the art collective REPOhistory and their Queer Spaces project, a sign project that marked important LGBTQ figures and events in the Village and beyond.  Interested individuals can sign up for tomorrow night’s program here.

Queer Spaces plaque.  Photo courtesy of REPOhistory.
Queer Spaces plaque. Photo courtesy of REPOhistory.

You may also want to check out:

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