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An Attitude of Gratitude at GVSHP

As we reflect upon the turbulence of the past year, we at GVSHP are continually reminded that while the times may be tough, we have an abundance of things for which we are deeply grateful. We have prevailed in several of our most “nail biting” issues. And we continue to fight another day!


We achieved a huge victory when the LPC reversed their former decision on 827-831 Broadway and granted landmark status to the beloved buildings. We put our team to work doing in-depth research, we reached out to elected officials, and we built strong support amongst our friends, supporters, other preservation organizations, as well as the public at large. Our efforts paid off and 827-831 Broadway were saved from the wrecking ball.


We can’t do all we do without the vocal support of all of our community. We are thankful that each of you out there remain dedicated and committed to assisting us in our never-ending efforts to stave off pressures from big real estate entities. We are constantly amazed by the numbers of our constituent who show up at rallies and demonstrations. We are astonished at the shear volume of support we receive when we ask each one of you to send advocacy letters to your elected officials. And we are filled with gratitude.

With the support of our East Village friends and neighbors, we scored an important victory in the spring, defeating an attempt by a developer to get a zoning variance to build more than 50 percent taller and 25 percent larger than zoning allows on the site of the former Peter Stuyvesant post office branch, between E. 13th and 14th Sts., west of Avenue A, in the East Village. We were told we would never win this fight. Never say never to GVSHP!  We won a similar victory on West 14th Street when we prevented a developer from receiving a zoning variance to increase the allowable size of a planed building at 8th Avenue.

Just the beginning

This is just a few of our recent preservation accomplishments; check them all out on our new, expanded Accomplishments Map.

Our heritage is rich!

Few places in America have made more significant contributions to civil rights and social justice struggles for African-Americans, Women, Latinos, Immigrants, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people than the Village, East Village, and NoHo. So GVSHP kicked off 2017 by creating a new Civil Rights and Social Justice of the Village, East Village, and NoHo. We have invited our constituents to add to our research and you have responded with wonderful additions to the effort. For the collaboration we are thankful.

As I said, we continue to fight another day.  Which is ALSO something for which we are thankful.  It takes a Village to keep us going, both financially and in spirit.  Our thanks go to each and every one of you who contribute in so many ways to the health of our organization.


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