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Business of the Month: Heermance Farm Purveyors, 183 Christopher Street

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If you are heading west on Christopher Street, there is a final chance to get delicious food and drinks before crossing West Street for a visit to Hudson River Park.  It also happens to be one of the best places in the neighborhood to get fresh locally grown organic produce, a sandwich or a wholesome meal, or essential household items, all from the most pleasant staff.  It’s a place that stocks bok choi and Bustello coffee and everything in between.  They are Heermance Farm Purveyors at 183 Christopher Street, the self-described “Gourmet Bodega” with the catchphrase “kick-ass vegetables,” and they’re our October Business of the Month.

The friendly shop is east of Weehawken Street and a block away from the Christopher Street Pier and the Hudson River Park — a spot the owners found to be ideal, in an “amazing neighborhood” with a good mixed character.  They describe the place as a “work in progress” inspired by “sustainability and freshness.”  The shop fits well into the trend away from processed foods that drives customers to choose shopping at this source of fresh produce.

Heermance Farm Purveyors lives up to their “gourmet bodega” tag.  They are gourmet in the sense of good taste, healthy food, and discerning flavor, and bodega in the sense of being an accessible local store with an eclectic mix of necessary items where you know the owner and staff and they know you.  They offer their own sustainably grown New York Produce, soups, mason jar salads, and daily made cookies, while showcasing an amazing grocery section featuring Hudson Valley dairy, soda, oils, flour, pasta, chocolate, fresh ground nut butters, and fresh frozen yogurt.

They primarily carry New York State products and the highlights are their Heermance Farm produce delivered daily from the farm. They do catering for local offices and parties and are available for private events. They also have a full range of kitchen/party/picnic/and cookware products and cleaning supplies, for your regular household needs.

Cozy yet spacious. www.instagram.com/heermancefarmpurveyors

Their deli department offers a large variety of organic meats, cheeses and freshly prepared salads and sandwiches made to order.  But if you are vegetarian or vegan, as Manager Melody Anderson is, fear not, they have a delectable array of food choices for you, including grilled okra with salt and lemon that was available one of the days I visited. They carry everything you would need for a picnic, and you may be compelled to pause there for a freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso or latte, or another kind of drink at their welcomingly small full-service bar.  Many a dancer will stop by for an elixir before the popular Tango Nights at nearby Pier 45.

Morning, afternoon or night, there is a hot or cold beverage for you at the counter. Images from www.instagram.com/heermancefarmpurveyors

Melody will sometimes let local customers know when something they particularly like is coming in fresh from their farm.  With autumn in full swing and winter to come soon, winter squash will be in the shop, along with the potatoes, onions, tomatoes and herbs filling the shelves.  This week expect a special treat of locally-grown turmeric and ginger, which is hard to come by, so don’t miss out.  Some people may not be familiar with the more exotic vegetables they grow, like kohlrabi, but Melody will be glad to introduce you to it.

At left Warm Winter Squash Farro Salad with Arugula and Figs … Featuring Heermance Farm: #redkuri #kabochasquash #arugula at right Chicken pesto Sandwich with mozzarella, heirloom Tomatoes and lettuce!! from their Instagram.

Solidifying their growing and vital place in the neighborhood, they host an annual block party fully catered for the neighborhood with locally grown produce and entertainment for all ages.

So whether you are a runner along the river or a tourist strolling the far West Village or a local in the know, Heermance Farm Purveyors, where Greenwich Village meets the Hudson River, is not to be missed. And our October 2019 Business of the Month.

View west from in front of the store, see the fountain and the mighty Hudson River.

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